Stopping Spam: Follow the Money and Stop the Source

As a reply to slashdot’s ”Catching Spam by Looking at Traffic, Not Content” I posted the following:

1. Company offering product or service hires spammer

2. Spammer creates botnet by installing spyware in unsecured computers
3. Botnet sends spam

Pretty much any solution so far involves stopping step 3, the delivery

when the real problem relies in step 1, we need to find ways to stop step 1 from happening. Lets make hiring spammers a criminal offence, the same way “murder for hire” is. You can catch them by just having undercover officers order the product/service.

I say let’s make hiring spammer to advertise a product or service a

Criminal Offense punishable by jail. It will stop U.S. companies from hiring spammers. Then we put pressure in foreign governments to pass similar laws.