HOWTO: Install Awstats in Centos

(copied from this post by K_Frye)

Use Dag Wieer’s RPM if you’re not using it already:

Once the RPM is installed, look at the /etc/httpd/conf.d/awstats.conf file. It should look something like:

Alias /awstats/icon/ /var/www/awstats/icon/

ScriptAlias /awstats/ /var/www/awstats/

Options ExecCGI
order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from

#Alias /css/ /var/www/awstats/css/
#Alias /js/ /var/www/awstats/js/

Just add in your PC’s IP to the “allow from” line or reconfigure awstats.conf to use a .htaccess setup. Dag’s rpm will put an 00awstats file in /etc/cron.hourly/. Next, just edit your /etc/awstats.conf file according to your needs and restart apache.

To see your stats, just navigate to