Hacking the MIO C220 GPS

These instructions copied from a post in this forum:

Simplified instructions: Mio C220 “Hack”

NOTE: Before doing anything, obtain both the “Transfer_Mio_C250” -Hack- and the “Script_3.24r” from http://foro.todopocketpc.com/showthread.php?p=936930#post936930 For the “Transfer_Mio_C250” -Hack-, the link that you download from states “TRANSFER MIO C250 Hack”, but nothing downloaded states “Hack” in the name. That being said, the instructions below will state the displayed -name- of what is being accessed.

0. Both of the downloads are compressed rar files, uncompress both of them. Put the “Script_3.24r” folder on the C drive (for convenience of access when running the transfer, not the desktop. Double click on your C: drive and put the folder right there). Put the “Transfer_Mio_C250” folder on the desktop (if it is not already there). If you do this, then you will not lose track of anything if you are following these instructions. This is because you can refer back to this step to see where the folders are. Now to really begin.

1. With your Mio powered on, do a “hard reset” by pressing and holding the power button until the device turns off (about 5-10 seconds).

2. Power your Mio back on (it will boot up. Do NOT access anything, leave it on the screen it boots to).

3. Now start your software: “Transfer_Mio_C250” (from step 0. The only time you will see “Hack” is when this application is open).

4. Connect your device to your computer and it should be recognized (indicated by the gold colored chain link looking icon in the lower right corner by your time clock. Before connection it should look like a broken chain like {} and after proper connection it should now looking like a complete loop).

5. Before proceeding, KNOW AND REMEMBER that there will be TWO separate MioMap folders (one MioMap folder inside another MioMap folder). The order of folders to follow is “\My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap”. Rename the final “MioMap” folder to “MioMap2”. Now the order of folders will be “\My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap2”. The “MioMap2” folder contains your original MioMap data (you renamed it to keep it as a backup folder of the original files).

6. Now, you should still be in the folder where it displays “MioMap2”. Create a new folder here named “MioMap” (NOT INSIDE OF “MioMap2” but on the screen you are in. The purpose is to take the place of the original folder that WAS named “MioMap” that you just renamed “MioMap2”. For the moment it will be empty). Your folder structure should now be “\My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap =AND= MioMap2”. You will no longer touch “MioMap2”.

7. Now put your Mio DVD (from manufacturer) into your DVD drive and copy the folder contents of the DVD “MioMap” folder (from location of “install/MioMap” ) over to your empty created “MioMap” folder. You may have to create new folders, properly name them, then copy the contents into the created folders. When you are done with this step, your DVD “MioMap” folder and your created “MioMap” folder will contain the exact same contents.

8. Now go to your downloaded “Script_3.24r” folder (from step 0). There will be two folders inside. One named “Script” (NOT “SCRIPTS”) and another named “MioMap”.

9. Now transfer the contents of the “MioMap” just accessed in step 8 over to your created empty “MioMap” folder in “\My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap”. Make sure you are transferring the files into the correct “MioMap” folder. If you accidentally transfer to the wrong folder, your GPS unit will explode. Not really.

10. Now create a folder named “Script” so your folder structure is now “\My Flash Disk\Script” (not “Scripts”). Remember the “Script” folder from step 8? Ok, now transfer the folder contents of that “Script” folder into the empty one you just created.

11. Now with step 10 done, click on the lower right button to close “Transfer_Mio_C250” (it is the lower right button that says “sortir”. Do NOT click on the upper right hand “X” to close it because that does not truly exit the software). Make sure you are disconnected (the connect graphic should now be gone from the screen of your Mio, if it is still there, then you are likely still connected. When you are absolutely sure you are disconnected, you can pull the transfer cable out from your Mio).

12. Do a “hard reset” (press down on the power button for about 5-10 seconds until the Mio turns off, then you need to turn it back on. just like you did for steps 1 and 2).

13. Upon boot being done, click on “MioMap” (the file manager will open now instead, because the hack file you copied over is actually a file manager that replaced the file that was “MioMap”).

14. Now go to the created “MioMap” folder in “\My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap” and run “AUTOPATCHER.exe”. A small window will pop up. Now press “ok” and your Mio will reboot (you want this to happen).

15. Once it loads, you will hear the windows music tone (just like when you start your computer). Click again on “MioMap” and the file manager will run. You will now see your icons displayed, as well as a wallpaper of a tachometer (that you can change if you want to, but not directly from your gps. you would have to create a wallpaper and name it “back”, then use it to replace the -bitmap- file “back” that is located in the “Script” folder). All the icons should be functional (I am stating this because the miomap icon did not work for me the first go around. now it works after having done it my 2nd time. maybe I misnamed a file). You’re pretty much set unless I happened to unclearly state something. If I did, please post a reply and I will edit this post to try to make it clearer.

16. Just in case you have to hard reset (if the Mio freezes while playing a video, etc.), you will need to again run “AUTOPATCHER.exe” to get things up and running again (repeat steps 13-14).


Sortir = Exit Renommer = Rename Suprimer = Delete Annuler = Cancel New Dossier = New Folder