Team Foundation: Welcome Back to Microsoft's Source Control Hell

Management in my company, in all their wisdom decided to “upgrade” our source control system to Team Foundation. Until now our team was using Subversion along with TortoiseSVN.

The upgrade took a few hours but it was when the team tried to get the sources and build that problems started:

  • Some files in bin\ folders made it to source control and since you need to check out before editing (TFS marks checked-in files as read-only). We had to search through the whole source tree deleting any bin, obj, etc folders from source control.
  • Visual Studio loves to check out and change stuff in solution and projects files even when you sneeze, so after 4 years we are back to the good ol’ days of screaming around the office for people to check in their damn project files so everybody else do some work (yes, you can disable exclusive check outs but it seems management prefers it this way)
  • It’s been 6 years since the last time I had to deal with a source control product from Microsoft (in my previous place of work my first order of business was to throw away VSS and put CVS). In all these years of using CVS and Subversion later I never saw this message when opening the solution:

Ahhh…. the good ol’ days are back.