Why I Don't Use Paypal Anymore

Have you ever had to dispute a charge in your paypal account?

I’ve been a happy paypal user for several years. I usually will buy things and pay through paypal so I don’t have to put my credit card numbers in every shopping website in the land. In all these years never had a problem, never needed a refund… until two weeks ago.

I ordered some satellite parts from an online store, paid through paypal. A week later I get an email from seller that part is backordered. WTF?, backordered? - I replied - your site said it was in stock, please cancel the order and refund my money.

One week later, after no response from seller I emailed again this time with the subject: “Final Notice: If you don’t refund my money I’m going to dispute with paypal”. Didn’t I know the seller probably spilled coffee all over his keyboard/monitor upon reading such an hilarious sentence.

After giving the seller another few days I logged in to paypal and filed a dispute. I didn’t read much around just filled the form and submit. Having dealt with credit card disputes before, I expected my money back within a few hours.

The next day I login again… WTF?, where is my money? I start reading and oh!, this is just to give me 20 days to settle the dispute with seller, no way!, I already gave them more than a week, let’s move on to have Paypal deal with it so I “escalate” the dispute to a claim and again expect the money in a few hours.

Another day passes, login… WTF?, where is my money?… Oh!, wait, paypal is giving seller TEN MORE DAYS to reply.

So here it is: if you are buying from an online store for the first time, you are better off using your credit card (or better a virtual credit card number) than paypal. Your credit card company will generate a dispute and refund your money instantly after a phone call. With paypal, just forget about it.